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Tip #7 for Full-Time Summer Researchers: Expect (a few) Unsupportive Friends

Tip #7 for Full-Time Summer Researchers: Expect (a few) Unsupportive Friends

One of the amazing things about participating in research full-time is the in-depth, experiential learning and focus you’ll enjoy in the lab. You’ll loose track of time, the day of the week, and occasionally even the month.

If your friends are spending the summer working through a Netflix bucket list, they might not understand your commitment to the lab, your research project, and your future. Some might continually remind you about their relaxing summer, and compare it to the work-intensive one you’re experiencing. Stay the course.

The personal and professional development you’ll extract from your summer in the lab will more than compensate for not having a summer of down-time. Plus the stunning recommendation letters you earn as a result will make med, professional, or grad school applications that much stronger.

And remember, spending full-time in the lab over a summer doesn't prevent you from taking a vacation. It simply means that your entire summer isn't one. You'll still need to take time during your daily research experience and near the summer's end to find renewal.

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