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Tip #3 for Full-Time Summer Researchers: Expect Frustration

Tip #3 for Full-Time Summer Researchers: Expect Frustration

Being in the lab five days a week for several hours each day will certainly help you meet your research objectives faster than during the semester. However, at some point your project will likely hit a wall. You might need solve a technical error, be stuck trying to optimize a fickle procedure, or need to dig deeper into the scientific literature and reconsider your strategy.

Without the breaks from lab you have during the semester, it will be harder to bring a fresh perspective when faced with disappointment. But if you learn to push though the more frustrating parts of research without needing to take a few days away from the bench first, you'll build resilience for more than just lab work. You'll also teach yourself to keep going when your life plan hits a snag.

Of course, breaks are still important--both during your day and to renew at the end of the summer so remember to Take a break. Reboot. Renew as needed.

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