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Well Wishes and Safe Travels

Well Wishes and Safe Travels

Warning: We're about to brag.

Today, one of our former undergrads, Madi, heads to Oxford University to start her next adventure as a graduate student specializing in immunology.

When she finishes her grad degree (it will take about one year), she'll head back the USA to attend medical school. Talk about an incredible personal year--living abroad, doing research, and earning another degree.

Just so you know, Madi had zero research experience before joining our lab just after her first year of college. She had taken a couple of lab classes but had no formal research experience. She worked hard and made her research experience a priority, and had numerous research and other accomplishments during her time with us. We hope you find inspiration from her story and set your goals high!

We wish Madi the best of luck in her new adventures, and hope she is able to find pumpkin scones while in England.

Dr. O (Proud PI) and Paris (Proud Mentor)