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Your Week 3 Check Up

Your Week 3 Check Up

A few weeks into the new semester (or quarter if applicable) is the perfect time to do a quick self-assesment. Ask yourself this simple question: "Am I finding enough time to study?"

If you do this self-assesment before your first set of exams, you still have time to make some changes, if needed. If you wait too long, it might be too late to do much about it, and will only cause you more stress.

There is a saying you've probably heard by now, "Nobody ever wishes they spent more time studying in college," but it should be: "Nobody ever wishes they spent more time studying in college, until they take the MCAT or GRE."

This plan starts and finishes with a latte. By the time you're done drinking one you'll be done with your self-assessment, and have a new plan in place if you need one.

And remember that in addition to all the other benefits of studying as you go, you'll enjoy social activities more because that "I-really-should-be-studying" guilt won't overshadow your fun. That matters too.