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Do You Blog?

Do You Blog?

This fall, we plan to write a blog post about...well, undergrad blogs. We plan to include a variety of information on why they are important, and how they can help you enhance both your communication skills, and your letters of recommendations.

In our blog post, we'd like to feature a few blogs from those of you who are sharing your research experiences. Whether you write about wet-lab, dry-lab, clinical, theoretical or other research projects it's all good. And if your blog shares your experiences outside of the lab too, that's just fine with us. Because, let's face it, your college experience is the sum of all parts.

So, if you blog about your undergrad research experience in STEM, tell us about it! Send us a link, a DM, put a post on our page, send a carrier pigeon, or hire a skywriter.

Don't have a blog? Start one--if your blog has a full biography and two posts by the time we write the article you're eligible to be included. And remember, blog posts don't have to be super long. If you only have 300 words and a few photos to share that's a post! (Try for a free and easy platform to get started.)

For now, we want to share a blog from Meriame Berboucha. She found us through Twitter (@Youinthelab), and we love her blog.

Meriame is an undergrad in physics at Imperial College (UK), and started sharing her passion for science and outreach while still in secondary school. She organizes a science club at her former school, and returns to help inspire the students through hands-on experiments.

The picture in this post is Meriame standing next to a Tokamak. Meriame was asked by Twitter user @m_windridge to join @TokamakEnergy at the @royalsociety Summer Science Exhibition in June. This is a prestigious UK science event. Meriame says, "I spoke to the public about the work of Tokamak Energy which focuses on fusion."
We hope you'll visit her blog and learn more about what she does--we think you'll find that physics is entirely different when its undergrad research and not a required lab class.

Meriame's blog, All Things Science, can be found here: