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Do You Remember This Tip?

Do You Remember This Tip?

In a week or so, many of you who participated in a full-time summer research experience will once again become a part-time researcher and full-time student. Keep this tip in mind from the article we posted earlier this summer, 10 Things to Expect From Your Summer Undergrad Research Experience.

Tip 10. Resenting the return of the semester. Wrapping up a full-time summer research experience is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. But sometime during the first few weeks of the fall semester, a harsh reality will become evident: you don’t have as much time for research. Not near enough time. And what would have taken you part of a morning to do in the summer, will now take a week to complete during the semester. Those long blocks of summer research time will have evaporated along with your increased productivity.

You’ll once again make overly ambitious to-do lists before you readjust to the fall schedule. Making the transition back to a full-time student and part-time researcher will be a challenge. Be patient with yourself during this time as well. To read the entire original article visit