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October 2022


Careers Week in STEMM on Twitter. October 16- 22, 2022

text is Career Week in STEMM. Oct. 14-22, 2022. on Twitter @YouInTheLab. Also present are emojis that represent science and research a plant, computer, microscope, labcoat, graph, test tube, petri dish, telescope, and smiling face wearing glasses

What: A week-long Twitter event to promote summer undergraduate research programs (SURPS), job openings for STEM graduates, and help demystify the grad school application process.

We started this event in 2019 and focused on grad school topics using #GradRecruitWeek.

This year we've expanded the topics to include SURPS for students who will be applying soon (many applications are due in the next few weeks and early next year), to connect principal investigators (PIs) who have job openings in their research groups with researchers, and to share other job opportunities.

When: October 16- 22, 2022