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Getting the Most out of Your Time

Getting the Most out of Your Time

What you do in the lab when you aren’t doing research matters. A lot.

To extract the most from your undergrad research experience, you'll need to make your time in the lab matter.

When you’re waiting to finish a technique, or have a little extra time, there are a variety of things you can do to make your research experience more rewarding.

For example, get to know your labmates and their projects, ask to observe a technique, or try to read one of the PI’s papers. Other options include cleaning your bench or a community work area, making the next lab day's to-do list, labeling sample storage containers, catching up on your notebook, or getting started on a poster (it will alway take longer than you think!).

Doing these tasks will also help you earn a stronger recommendation letter because it will send the message that you value the time you spend in the lab, and that you're taking ownership of your research experience.