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Heading to a Research Interview?

Heading to a Research Interview?

As tempting as can be to end your search and accept the first research position you're offered, only do so if you are genuinely interested in the project, topic, or techniques. Equally important is only accepting the position if you can uphold the required time commitment without compromising you academics (and that you WANT to).

Both your happiness and success in the lab are tied to a genuine interest in the work, and having enough time to devote to the project.

Therefore, if you're in an interview and you realize that the project's techniques are ones you hated in a lab class, or that the required time commitment is more than you want, its not the right research position for you.

Accepting a research position that you KNOW isn't right for you isn't a win. It's a waste of your time. And it won't lead to your happiness or success in the long-term.