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Got Stocks? Remind Your Mentor

Got Stocks? Remind Your Mentor

If you're taking a break from your research experience, or won't be returning when the next semester begins, there are some specific tasks you'll need to do before saying goodbye to your labmates.

One task that is easy to overlook, but is so important, is reminding your mentor about any living stocks you worked with during the semester.

Even if your mentor reminded you to water, feed, or transfer the stocks multiple during your research experience, there is no guarantee that they will remember once you're no longer in the lab. And if the stocks were important enough for you to maintain while in the lab, that won't change when you're not there.

So, leave a short note, send an email, or better yet remind your mentor in person about your stocks and where they are stored. This small effort on your part can make all the difference to a busy mentor who might forget until it's too late.