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One Bad Lab Habit to Avoid

One Bad Lab Habit to Avoid

Hands down, one of the more boring parts of research is the prep work.

Who wants to check if there is ligase, sterile flasks, or enough 5M sodium chloride? In truth, no one does. It’s infinitely more satisfying to get started on the pipetting, mixing, separating, vortexing, or spinning and plan to grab what you need when you need it.

But poor preparation is a bad habit to develop in research. Assuming that whatever you need to do your experiment will be waiting for when you go to the cupboard, freezer, or stockroom simply because it was there been last time you needed it is a risky strategy.

In a lab, research supplies go fast. So, always double-check that you have what you need before you start because you might need to postpone an experiment to make a solution or order a supply.